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    Tryouts are FREE this year

    New this year:  Tryouts are FREE.  Here's how it works: 

    As always, you register your player and make the first $149 payment.

    If we do not place your player on a team, you get a full refund.  The tryout is FREE.

    If we place your player on a team, and you decline on a "timely basis", you get a full refund.  The tryout is FREE.  The "timely basis" will vary depending on the team situation: you might have to make a decision overnight, or you might have a few days.  The "timely basis" will be driven by how quickly we need to communicate to be fair to other kids on the waitlist.

    If you accept the placement, or you do not decline by the "timely basis" deadline set by the coach (or board member) notifying you about the placement, then your player is officially on the team.  If your player withdraws later, a partial refund might be possible only if there has been a season-ending injury or a family relocation.

    Questions?  Send an email to jim.friedel789@gmail.com

    Registrations for Fall 2014 & Spring/Summer 2015 are Open!

    Registrations for Fall 2014 and Summer 2015 seasons are open. The Fall 2014 season is for U9-U12 (grade 8 and younger), and the Summer 2015 season is for all age groups. Tryout times are now posted on the Evaluation Schedule tab in the Join Us section: http://www.vusc.org/page/show/1280011-2014-2015-evaluation-schedule


    New this year:


    Summer 2015 U11-12 Teams: In order to give our U11-U12 teams ample time to play together, gel and become a stronger more cohesive team, the Fall 2014 team will resemble the Summer 2015 teams, numbers permitting.  The club will make exceptions if and when it's to the benefit of the age group. 


    U9/U10 MYSA Academy: This Academy concept is a new development option that is being created by Valley United and other clubs in partnership with MYSA, and it is an alternative to the Maroon/Gold league system.  The focus of this group will be individual player development versus MYSA league play which focuses on teams.  It is made for kids who want to be year-round with soccer, and they want to have training and games throughout the winter.  More information about the Academy option will be coming from our Coaching Director, Derrick Cobb dlcobb22@gmail.com


    Fall 2014 U9/U10 Teams: These teams will be carried over from the Spring/Summer 2014 season. Tryouts will not be held in order to make fall teams for these two age groups. New incoming players will be added to replace non-fall players and/or players who've aged up. For the Summer 2015 teams for U9 and U10s, tryouts will be held in late September or early October, and registrations will remain open until at least mid-September.  Do not be concerned when you see that the Registrations System says "Closing July 25".  We'll re-open U9-10 registrations after the older age groups have been processed.


    Coaches: Interested in continuing or becoming a coach for a Fall Team? In order to be considered, whether you're a volunteer parent coach or professional coach, please complete our coaching application, so that we can get to know you better: Click here to access online Coach Application

    See Our Players in Action!!

    Calendar of Club-wide events

    • Aug
    • 11
    High School season begins
    • Aug
    • 17
    VUSC Board Meeting
    • Sep
    • 6
    Fall 2014 League Play May Begin

    VUSC Weekly Parent Tip

    Fill your children's Emotional Tanks. Like a car's gas tank, an empty Emotional Tank won't take us far, but when the Tank is full we can keep running. Fill your children's Emotional Tanks. Like a car's gas tank, an empty Emotional Tank won't take us far, but when the Tank is full we can keep running.

    VUSC Weekly Parent Tip: Quote of the day from Proactive Coaching

    Parents… going to a performance and watching your child can be stressful. We all want them to succeed at everything they do. But for most adults, you are only watching and stressing over one kid. As a coach, they are all your kids. How am I going to encourage this one, how am I going to get this one to be more disciplined, this one’s grades, weekend choices, building confidence, push this one, pull that one, keep this one happy even when they don’t start, keep this one feeling like they are adding value to the team even though they don’t play, etc. etc. Multiply your concerns times the number of kids on the team – that is where good coaches are.





    Rules of Soccer Taught by MN United FC

    Watch the video and learn what offsides truly means with a visual effect!