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    Summer 2015 teams seeking players

    Girls U09-10 Academy:  This new program features a single roster with a steady program of training and games from this August through July 2015.  Girls from any club welcome to join.  Contact Derrick Cobb, our Director of Coaching, to learn more: coaches@vusc.org  

    Boys U12:  We have 1-2 openings each on our C3 and C2 teams.  Send email to boys.teams@vusc.org if interested.

    Boys U15:  Only boys who will work to compete at C1 should apply.  Send email to the coach at Marc.s.sutton@gmail.com

    Boys U16c2 and U17c2:  One to two openings for boys with top C2 skills.  Contact the coach (who leads both teams) at cameron.mcgregor@bestbuy.com

    Girls U13 c2:  Openings for 1-2 fun and skilled girls to join a great group of players.  Contact girls.teams@vusc.org if interested.

    Girls U14 c2 and c3:  Two teams coached by our energetic director of Coaching, Derrick Cobb, a certified Coerver trainer, nationally-licensed coach and all-around soccer fanatic.  Contact girls.teams@vusc.org if interested.

    Girls U17C1: Looking for 2-3 highly motivated players, contact Doris Anger at doris.anger@gmail.com

    Girls U17C3:  Coach Matthew Johnson returning to the age group to follow up to another successful season.  Contact girls.teams@vusc.org if interested.

    Girls U19C1:  Coach George will return to lead the team in 2015, and wants to see all players return. The vision: start practices in March with those who are available; enter in a tournament around May 1 to get tuned-up; play MYSA league schedule May-July; enter another tournament in June; end season with either Schwan’s or State.  New player?  Email George.nahorski@gmail.com to discuss how to join the team.


    See Our Players in Action!!

    Winter Training Schedule is Finalized!

    Valley United is happy to announce the Winter Training schedule is DONE!  Age group time slots are available at the link below for Tuesday evenings, Thursday S.A.S, Saturday Futsal and Friday and Sunday COE.  Also, check out the FAQs towards the bottom of the Winter Training page that will help explain what's going on and why.

    More info here: http://www.vusc.org/page/show/22677-winter-training-information?tab=permissions

    Calendar of Club-wide events

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    VUSC Board Meeting
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    VUSC Board Meeting
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    VUSC Board Meeting

    VUSC Weekly Parent Tip

    Use "You're the kind of person who..." statements to help shape your child's sense of self. When she misses an open net or drops a pass on his hands, say, "I know you are disappointed, but you're the kind of person who has the strength to bounce back and try again."

    VUSC Weekly Parent Tip: Quote of the day from Proactive Coaching

    Parents… going to a performance and watching your child can be stressful. We all want them to succeed at everything they do. But for most adults, you are only watching and stressing over one kid. As a coach, they are all your kids. How am I going to encourage this one, how am I going to get this one to be more disciplined, this one’s grades, weekend choices, building confidence, push this one, pull that one, keep this one happy even when they don’t start, keep this one feeling like they are adding value to the team even though they don’t play, etc. etc. Multiply your concerns times the number of kids on the team – that is where good coaches are.